Download Windows 11 ISO (trial version) and install it as a virtual system

Download Windows 11 ISO (trial version) and install it as a virtual system
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Windows 11 lancé en version finale le 5 octobre
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Microsoft recently released the first beta version of its new OS (Windows 11), which Windows Insiders can download and test before the final version is ready in October. As we mentioned in a previous topic [How to prepare to download the trial version of Windows 11], the trial version can be installed on any computer even if it does not meet the basic requirements to run Windows 11.
it’s easy to get the trial version of Windows 11 in Windows Insider program, its free. some people don’t want to download it directly from windows updates. others want it as ISO file, because it is easy copy for a virtual system or easy for USB installs. Fortunately, there are two ways to achieve this as we explain in this topic.

Method 1: Download the ISO directly from Microsoft

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Besides the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft also offers Windows beta builds in ISO files so that you can still download these builds easily. you can visit the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and scroll down to the “Select Edition” menu from which you can choose the trial you wish to download.

It is worth noting that as of the time of this writing, Microsoft has not added the Windows 11 beta to the list, but it currently includes only Windows 10 demos, but the situation will change later. So, if you want to download the ISO file from Microsoft officially, you should visit this page regularly until you find the option "Windows 11 Insider Preview Dev Channel - Build 22000" in the menu in the coming days. But if you can't stand the wait, here's a second way below, select it, choose the language, and then click Download.

Method 2: Download Windows 11 using UUP Dump

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UUP Dump is an open-source online tool to download Windows directly. and then you can choose install from ISO files. According to our experience, UUP Dump is a reliable places from which you can download Windows 11 ISO (trial version).

Generally, after opening the tool’s website, search for “Windows 11 Insider Preview” to access the download page of the trial version of Windows 11, and from the Choose language menu, you can select the language you want, whether English or Arabic, all languages ​​are available, then press Next until a list of all versions of Windows 11 appears The different versions are Home and Pro and you can choose a specific version or collect all the versions in one file and then click Next. Then in the Download method section, choose “Download and convert to ISO” and click Create download package.

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A small zip file will now be downloaded to your device, as the UUP Dump tool does not download the ISO file directly, but rather uses the CMD command prompt to download the copy files to the device and then merge them to be in the form of an ISO file, this means that you will not be able to control the download such as pausing Or follow the progress of the download process, just leave the device running until you get the ISO file. If you like it, follow the steps.

After decompressing the file, double-click on the file with the name “uup_download_windows” and you will see a black command prompt window where from this moment all files required for Windows 11 (trial version) will be downloaded.

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Once the Windows 11 file download process is complete, the CMD interface turns blue as these files are now ready to create the required ISO file, a process that takes a long time depending on the processor speed and volume, and in our case, it took about 20 minutes on an SSD NVMe.

Once finished, you will find the ISO file in the same folder extracted from the zip file (downloaded from the UUP Dump website). As you can see in the image above, the copy size is approximately 5 GB, so if you want to clean install the copy on another computer, make sure you have a larger flash drive.

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But if you want to install it as a virtual system on your current computer, you will need VirtualBox and here we recommend following the topic How to install Windows as a virtual system on your device to learn the steps to configure the program and install Windows 11 trial. In all cases, you will be able to test Windows 11 and its new features without any risk.

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